Mark is an innovative, improvisational designer who specializes in classic and timeless construction projects, utilizing handmade and historic elements to bring each customer’s unique dream to life.


While Mark can adapt to almost any design style and its implementation, he specializes in the “Arts and Crafts” philosophy of design and craftsmanship. This philosophy focuses on traditional artistic craftsmanship, emphasizing handmade and custom elements that blend a sense of harmony and simplicity with functionality and authenticity.


Mark works with his clients to turn their vision into a reality, and prides himself on producing a one of a kind result for the discriminating customer.

Mark is an artist with incredible vision. He is a gift to his craft. Always on time, and an honest person. Beautiful workmanship, you won't be disappointed.

Susan Teater

Syracuse, NY

The originality and creativity of Mark's work goes above and beyond what "normal" contractors would give you. If you look at his work, it speaks for itself. He prefers to do jobs that are unique and out of the ordinary and if you give him the basic idea or concept of what you are looking for, he can make it happen. I have been in and around real estate most of my life and I have seen my share of remodeling jobs throughout my career. In my eyes, Mark is the best in the business. If you are looking for unique, one of a kind, different, original, creative work, Mark is your guy.

J. Puglisi

Syracuse, NY

We hit the jackpot when we discovered Mark Frateschi. Last year we purchased a camp and interviewed 4 contractors/firms before hiring Mark to enlarge a bedroom and bathroom. He set himself apart immediately by his sense of artistry, vision and creativity. When he looks at a space, he does not see what is there, but what could be there. He is a good communicator and very knowledgeable of resources and materials in the area. 

Our project grew in scope once we heard some of his ideas and saw what he was capable of. He is an accomplished craftsman and replicated existing wood walls so that the remodel is flawless. He also perfectly matched a kitchen cabinet and built others from scratch. He can truly do anything.

A few times during the remodel, we needed to trust Mark and take a "leap of faith."We were never disappointed with the results. His instincts are spot on, and you can trust him to do what will look best and add value to your property. He transformed our camp into a cottage and the results are stunning.

We not only will miss having him around, we will miss his music as well. We look forward to working with him on our next project. Without reservation, we recommend him highly!

Susan Gilbert

Skaneateles, NY

Mark Frateschi has been working for me since the late 1980’s.  I consider meeting Mark a stroke of good luck.  Not only is Mark an expert craftsman he is completely trustworthy and artistic.


I have always been more than satisfied with his work; we have had a terrific friendship for years and I do nothing without first consulting him. You would be most fortunate to have Mark Frateschi work for you.

Sheila Shattuck

Syracuse, NY

My wife and I bought a foreclosed property in northeastern Pennsylvania in 2005 that was originally built in 1925. The house was uninhabitable and required more in renovations than the house was worth. We hired Mark to turn this dilapidated house into our dream home, and the results were nothing short of incredible.

Jim Murphy

Pittston, PA

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. We were fortunate to find Mark two years ago after we purchased a large 1930 Tudor home that needed a lot of work. Since then, Mark has transformed our home into an arts & crafts masterpiece. From handmade rounded oak plank doors to built-in bookcases and desks indistinguishable from the finest Stickley furnishings from which they were modeled, Mark has turned a home with good "bones" into our dream home.


While Mark can do it all - including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work - he is more than anything, a true craftsman. Mark transformed our house without architectural drawings - instead relying on his own instincts, some pictures we found on the internet, and some preliminary sketches from a design professional.


Mark also is an amazing trouble shooter. Whenever we encountered a problem while Mark was working in our home, Mark quickly solved it, even when the issue was beyond the scope of his contract. We are already looking forward to our next home renovation project with Mark

Scott Livingston

Pittsburgh, PA

When I saw Mark drawing a perfectly straight line, freehand, along the bottom of a door he was trimming down so it would fit over my daughter's new carpeting, I realized I was in the presence of a kind of Mozart of home building. For Mark, no job is too big or too small--he puts the same care and attention to detail into my new upstairs laundry room as he does into massive woodwork-intensive renovations that cost hundreds of thousand of dollars. He is undaunted by any challenge, and will work out creative solutions, either in collaboration with you or all by himself. If you get him for your renovation job, you're lucky!

Maria DeAngelis

Syracuse, NY

In 2005, Ed and I were able to buy our dream home. We had spent many evenings driving through the neighborhood, thinking how wonderful it would be to live there. After years of saving, and a disasterous attempt at building a new home, we bought a house built in 1930 that is in a beautiful preservation district. Over the years, we have put our own touches on the house, with a partial makeover of the kitchen in 2010. By 2017, we realized that it was time to do something really special. After consulting with one of the top kitchen designers in our area, we just felt disappointed with their lack of vision. Cost was not a concern, but we needed someone who understood how special this house is, and would be treat it with respect. Ed mentioned our plans to one of his favorite clients, and he recommended that we call Mark. We had found our inspiration.

Interestingly, and not related to our kitchen, our ancestors are from Sonnino, a beautiful hilltop village outside of Rome, Italy. What a small world! At that point, I knew this was meant to be.


Our original plan was to update the cabinets and countertops. When Mark came in, he instantly saw something much more special.

Even though his vision was a bit more than we wanted to do, we never had a second thought about the plan. We put all of our faith in Mark and his main craftsman, Mike. He also convinced us to have all of the hardwood floors on our 1st floor refinished and stained a darker color. As a family with 3 dogs and 4 cats, we had no idea how we would manage to take on such a huge project. Mark invited us to stay for a week at his lovely home in the Adirondacks with our dogs so the floors could be done without interruption. The floors are absolutely beautiful and it was truly worth the time and expense. 
After 9 weeks of noise, dust, Mark's singing, and living in our basement, our kitchen looks like something out a a magazine. We saw a wall unit in Ballard Design, but it was too large for our space, We showed Mark and he built the exact piece to scale for our kitchen. There were so many cool touches that we wouldn't have thought about. The under-cabinet lighting (dimming too!) works with just a swipe of our hands. Some cabinets required some customization, and Mark was able to take them to his shop and fit them to the space. There are so many little things that made this project so special. We would be happy to open our home to anyone who is thinking of working with Mark. We not only appreciate Mark's vision and work, but we've come to think of him as a friend.

Lisa Tonzi

Syracuse, NY

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